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Top Flight Baseball will be competing year round locally and regionally in tournaments and scrimmages throughout the Bay Area and Southern California. We look to compete in 15-20 tournaments annually with 1-2 being special events. Top Flight Baseball looks to work with the players and families that want to play and compete on a higher level than the normal city leagues and recreational park leagues. Although Top Flight Baseball is a competitive travel ball organization, we focus on building and developing the basic skills & fundamentals and most importantly increasing the IQ of our players.


Top Flight Baseball approaches all of our games and tournaments with the mindset of winning, but we do not put winning over the health of our players. With proper instruction and building the IQ of our players, winning will come naturally!

Players that are able to play multiple positions will do so to ensure that they are fundamentally sound and aware of baseball situations on the field and ready to succeed and compete at the highest level at all positions. Top Flight Baseball looks forward to having our players prepared to move on to preps, high school and beyond!

Former and current Pro, College, and High School coaches/trainers will be running and managing all of our clinics and practices. Your player should be prepared to learn and ready to get dirty on the diamond. Top Flight Baseball coaches/trainers focus on building the players IQ and fundamentals in order for them to be better prepared and have the best success whether they are on the field or on the bench!


Demonstration and building Confidence is extremely important when teaching players of any age and that’s what Top Flight Baseball is all about! Building confidence in the youth players helps them become better prepared to understand the adjustments of the game and situations.


We are not into rushing the player along or rushing through drills, we’re very patient with our training to insure that the player understands and develops as a player in our organization. We are confident that your player will get some of the best instruction and drills that will have a lasting impression, while having fun at the same time. Being a part of Top Flight Baseball will be an experience of a Life Time!


Top Flight Baseball will have the following contracts to ensure that all parents and players are all in accordance:

·      Player code of conduct

·      Medical release

·      Parent-Player conduct

·      Team Policy/Guidelines

·      Team Waiver


Team practices will be held weekly during league play, 1-2 practices per week with the focus on fundamentals, IQ, an abundance of instruction, and team building (Chemistry). Clinics are TBD.


When attending a Top Flight Baseball practice or clinic, we will focus on our Players strengths and weaknesses. Top Flight Baseball Clinics will be open to all, even those that aren’t affiliated with Top Flight Baseball. Practice’s and Clinics are two totally different things. Our practices include Clinic based instruction so that our players get a clear understanding of what is expected of them. Clinics are all about the foundation of fundamentals and IQ, and that’s where we are extremely patient with the players (More Instructions). Practices are also to ensure that our players have an understanding that we are a team, and not just a bunch of players that come together to play tournaments outside of league play!


Top Flight Baseball travel teams will participate in up to 4-7 tournaments during the spring season. During Spring season we will have practices 2-3 weekly practices to prepare for our monthly tournaments.

During City Little league and Babe Ruth play (Spring), we will respectfully adjust our schedule to accommodate any of our players that plays for their local League. Top Flight Baseball will be participating in at least 1 tournament a month and holding optional practice and clinics for our players and other non-affiliated players until the season is over. With the instruction and training that our players receive from Top Flight Baseball, players skill level will definitely transfer over to their play on the field, giving them a better chance at having success on and off the field. Because of our willingness to adjust our schedule during the City league season, we will still be attempting to qualify for regional or state playoff travel ball tournaments for the summer.

Rosters will carry a maximum of 12-14 players at any given time. Guest play is allowed, but we ask for a commitment from our players and parents to Top Flight Baseball first! We also ask that if your player is a Pitcher, please check with our staff before allowing your player to pitch for another team.   

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