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Player/Parent TFB Participation Contract 



The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines to coaches, players and parents regarding playing time and general Top Flight Baseball Academy (TFB) policies. This policy applies to all Top Flight Baseball Academy (TFB) coaches, players, and parents. 


The Top Flight Baseball Academy (TFB) is a program striving to develop the full potential of each player on the club. Playing time however, should not be expected to be distributed equally whether it is in a developmental scrimmage, game, or competition or a select/special game, or tournament. It is also understood that a player may receive less or no playing time in a game due to attendance problems, violating the Top Flight Baseball Academy (TFB) Code of Conduct and/or Code of Ethics. Distribution of playing time shall be at the discretion of your Head Coach. 

It is the desire of Top Flight Baseball Academy (TFB) that Head Coaches have the freedom to balance between goals of the individual and the team skills and giving the team a successful competitive experience. In order to achieve this balance, playing time will be based on the following factors: 

  • The player’s attitude, focus, and sportsmanship. 
  • The player’s effort and responsiveness to coaching instruction. 
  • The player’s attendance. We view attendance as a priority. 
  • The number of players on the team available to play. 
  • The level of play for a competitive tournament and/or special game. 
  • Full, season long commitments are mandatory. 


The factors may increase or reduce a player’s time, including no playing time at all, in any particular game, scrimmage, or tournament. Any questions regarding this policy should be directed exclusively to your Head Coach. Your Head Coach will have the final say and may consult the Top Flight Baseball Academy (TFB) Board if necessary. All parents and athletes are required to sign this policy before your player will be allowed to compete. No exceptions.

Further, TFB has a ‘no refund’ policy for any violations of participation factors and/or our Club Code of Ethics resulting in suspension or termination from the program. 

Uniforms and Personal Appearance 

The Top Flight Baseball Academy (TFB) expects players to be outfitted with TFB approved apparel. And such apparel as to match other teammates in style and color and not cause a distraction or attention away from the team. Uniforms are the responsibility of each player and should be kept clean, laundered, and in good repair & condition. Players are responsible for their own gear and for keeping their gear in good repair and safe condition. 


The Top Flight Baseball Academy (TFB) expects players to bring their own food and drinks to the dugouts. Parents should not deliver these items during games. Utilize the Top Flight Baseball Academy coaches during games. Dugout lessons and instructions from the stands by parents are prohibited. 

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